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SACCO Family Photos

PHOTO - Click Here Artist's (Amico Cal.) rendering of "An Afternoon in Piazza del Popolo," (Sciacca, Sicily 1967)!

PHOTO - Click Here Oldest Sacco Family Photo (Sciacca, Sicily circa 1892!) My Grandfather, Calogero, is the small boy.

PHOTO - Click Here Great Aunt Lena (Santangelo) DiLorenzo, her husband Uncle Paul and family (circa 1925)!

PHOTO - Click Here My Mother, Calogera (Lillian) Sacco, Grammar School Graduation, (1928 or 1929)!

PHOTO - Click Here Several of my Uncles and Aunt Peggy (Sacco) taken in 1919 in NYC! Group Photo!

PHOTO - Click Here My Parents, Grandparents, Brother Otto, Uncle Jim, Aunts Clara & Lena, et al (1957).

PHOTO - Click Here My Uncle Mike Sacco and his wife Marie Rano, Wedding Photo (Sept. 5, 1936)!

PHOTO - Click Here My cousin Nick Sacco and his wife Theresa, Wedding Photo (Mar. 7, 1964)!

PHOTO - Click Here My cousin Barbara (Sacco) Jackson and her husband Bob, Wedding Photo (Jan.16, 1965)!

PHOTO - Click Here My Uncle Jim Sacco and his wife Clara, Wedding Photo (Sep. 1, 1934)!

PHOTO - Click Here My cousin James Sacco and his wife Joanne, Wedding Photo (June 6, 1964)!

PHOTO - Click Here My cousin Charles (Sonny) Sacco and his wife Frances, Wedding Photo (Oct. 4, 1959)!

PHOTO - Click Here My Aunt Peggy (Sacco) Wolfe and her husband Ed, (Unknown date)!

PHOTO - Click Here My cousin Dolores (Sacco) and her husband Eugene, Wedding Photo (Feb. 14, 1954)!

PHOTO - Click Here My cousin Laurie (Gillen) Walsh and her husband Don, Wedding Photo (Apr. 29, 1978)!

PHOTO - Click Here My cousin Vicki (Gillen) Rosenberg and her husband Barry, Wedding Photo (Feb. 14, 1976)!

PHOTO - Click Here My cousin Edward Gillen and his wife M'Liss Ann, Wedding Photo (May 24, 1980)!

PHOTO - Click Here My cousin Chris Gillen and his wife Joan, Wedding Photo (Mar. 11, 1989)!

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BURTON Family Photos

PHOTO - Click Here My Grandfather, Clarence Burton, at his workplace in Ashley, PA -- Unknown date!

PHOTO - Click Here My Grandmother, Susan Kate (Spence) Burton (circa 1950)!

PHOTO - Click Here My Father, James W. Burton (the oldest), and my Uncle Donald Burton-- circa 1915!

PHOTO - Click Here My Parents, James & Lillian (Sacco) Burton, Wedding Photo (Nov. 16, 1946)!

PHOTO - Click Here My Graduation from St. Theresa of Avila Grammar School, with my mother (1961)!

PHOTO - Click Here Some of my Brothers, sister and others at Harvey's Lake in Pennsylvania -- circa 1939!

PHOTO - Click Here My Brother Don and his wife Ann, Wedding Photo (Mar. 12, 1955)!

PHOTO - Click Here My Niece, Karen (Burton) Duffy, and her husband Howard. Wedding Photo (July 13, 1974)!

PHOTO - Click Here My Niece Eileen (Burton) Munro, and her husband Bill & son Riley in San Francisco (1990)!

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Old Pennsylvania & Misc. Family Photos
(Help is requested in identifying people, places,and time periods)

PHOTO - Click Here  Old Ashley School Photo????

PHOTO - Click Here  My Dad (James W. Burton II) and his brothers Spence and Don with Bicycles by house.

PHOTO - Click Here  Ashley house and unconfirmed family members.

PHOTO - Click Here  Patriotic House (in Ashley?) with many US Flags and unidentified family members.

PHOTO - Click Here  Civil War Photo???  Infantry photo with GGrandFather... not sure which person though?

PHOTO - Click Here  Ashley Fire Department, with Grandfather Clarence Burton.

PHOTO - Click Here  Old "tin" photo scanned by me... either Cunius or Spence family??

PHOTO - Click Here  Old Ashley family house????  8 Brown or Smith???

PHOTO - Click Here  Nicholas Cunius (1816-1903) & three daughters????

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BRENNAN Family Photos

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