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Most of my family are from Sciacca and Santa Margherita di Belice in Agrigento Province

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Primary names being researched:
Sacco, Santangelo, Indelicato DiLorenzo, (Di) Silvestro, Todaro.
Secondary names:
Barbera, Benfari, Caparo, Casandra, Colmone, Craparo, Gallo, Gaimo, Interrante, Mustacchia, Principato, Sabella, Scoma, Turturica.

Surnames in my wife Cathy's Sicilian Tree:
(Most of her family are from Sant'Elia and Sant Agata  in Palermo/Messina Provinces)
Alioto, Balestrieri, Bellante(i), Busalachi, Machi, Messina, Salvo

Sicilian and Italian Genealogy Related LINKS

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Burton Family

Unknown origins. USA origins are mainly from Luzerne and Berks Counties in Pennsylvania

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Primary names: Burton, Spence, Cunius, Cunnius
Secondary names: Griesemer/Griesheimer, Parsons, Shafer

Pennsylvannia & Burton/Cunius/Spence LINKS

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